• Building Signs are a probably the most overlooked site identification.  This is your
    look, while most other advertising comes and goes with the times. This image will
    remain with you more prominently for years.   

  • Image is everything when it comes to your building or storefront.  

  • Electric signs are perhaps the best way to identify your business. During the day
    or at night, an electric sign delivers your message.

  • Electric signs are a durable, cost effective, means of advertising. Drive through
    any business district at night and it's easy to see the effectiveness and value of a
    well designed, well built electric sign.

  • Your choice of signs outside of your building will create an immediate impact on
    your visitors and passers by so you must choose wisely to get the best value out
    of your investment.

  • Illuminated signs can be very spectacular and can also be very expensive, but if
    you have a prominent position and want exposure both day and night your
    investment in an illuminated sign will be well worth it.

  • We also have the ability to re-face some existing sign faces. If you have a sign and
    need a new logo, design, etc displayed on it, call us to find out if it meets the
    criteria for sign re-facing. This is an excellent option for a business just starting
    out an on a budget.
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Whether it is a fluorescent or neon sign on your building
or along a busy roadway, a custom electric sign will
advertise the personality and advantages of choosing
your business, for only a few dollars a day.

It has been the experience of our customers that a well
designed sign will increase sales volume by 10% to 35%
and your profitability even more. The addition of an
electronic or computerized sign can produce business
increases of 20% to 40% and typically return your
investment within the first 9 to 12 months.

All signs manufactured by Jeffcoat Signs are covered
under our Warranty Program. Also at Jeffcoat Signs you
can rest assured that we won't walk away after your sign
is installed. We offer complete installation AND service.
We also maintain signs manufactured and/or installed by
other companies.
Illuminated Cabinet Signs
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