Awnings & Canopy Signs

Awnings can be made into various shapes and sizes.  The type of fabric we
commonly use on awnings is vinyl.  This fabric has a woven mesh placed between
two layers of polyester.  The top layer of polyester is usually brightly colored for
attraction and beauty.  The underside of the fabric is usually white to help make the
underside brighter when lit from behind.  Vinyl awnings accept vinyl adhesive letters
and some can be eradicated. Eradication is a process that involves the removal of
color where lettering is desired.  (ex. if you eradicated your logo out of a red awning
your letters will appear white)

Awnings have many options that can be added for decorative or functional uses.  
Posts, lights, and ceiling panels are just a few of the additions you can add to your
awning.  Feel free to ask us about additional items that will help your awning look
and perform its best.

To view our most common styles and examples of quality work, please scroll down.
Awnings are perhaps one of the best ways to advertise your company or
product. A good awning not only improves the architectural appeal of your
facilities look; it also has great curb appeal. Additionally, awnings are
usually the most cost effective way to get a large amount of advertising up
with a limited budget.

In other words, you get more bang for your buck with a well designed,
attractive awning. Also, as far as the types of awnings go, the images
below cover the basics. We can also manufacture an awning to custom
fit any architect's needs; this allows a fluid transition between the awning
and the building to which its mounted. An excellent way to upgrade an
awning design is with backlighting. This gives you 24 hour advertising
potential - twice the advertising for a fraction more cost.
Half Gable
Waterfall with Rounded Ends
Gable Canopy
Flat Faced Canopy
Domed Canopy
Waterfall with Dormer
Multi-level Waterfall
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