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Artwork Guidelines
We are happy to work with customer-supplied artwork -- to make sure your order is of the highest
quality, we ask that you follow these Artwork Guidelines.

Instructions on sending artwork to Jeffcoat Signs

Sending files in digital form:

We work in a vector format for the vast majority of our projects. Our machines follow these precise
mathematical lines to cut, trace, slice, route, and otherwise construct our products. We can work
with files created in vector drawing programs, usually without any cleanup on our part. These
programs include: Corel, Freehand, Adobe Illustrator and the like. Any vector program able to
export an '.eps' file should suffice.

Make sure all fonts used are converted to outlines before saving file. We work in Adobe Illustrator
and CorelDraw files for output, so these are our preferred programs, but others will do as long as
they are saved in the Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) format. This avoids a font mismatch or
absence altogether on our end. Please also create art in a scale (of any kind) if possible.

Raster formats such as GIF, BMP, TIFF, PICT, AND JPEG will work for printed graphics however
some will require a 'cleaning up' on our part to put these pieces of art into a vector format.
Depending on resolution, size, and color depth of bitmapped raster file sent to us.

Occasionally our customers require us to produce their logo or
graphics in a
digital print format, if you fall into this category, please
follow the guidelines below.
If you aren't sure whether your artwork needs to be a  Digital Print or not, click here to determine.

For Digital Prints:

Any of the versions above will work or the following:

Bitmap files (JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PSD, PDF) need to be 300dpi at full-size of your sign

Sending us your artwork

We prefer to have files sent to us in digital format, already cleaned up and ready to be reproduced
as is. We can work from flat art as well. Camera ready slicks are preferred, but we can work with
anything. Just keep in mind that we can only do so much. If we get bad (ragged) artwork we will
clean it up as best we can. It is a good idea to send us the best artwork you have available.

If sending flat artwork, do not send originals! We will make every attempt to return any art you send
to us, but we will not be held responsible for such return.

Sending files via email:

Please include your contact information and any instructions concerning your artwork that would
help our art department with your design in the body of the message.
Multiple files should be attached and sent in the same message if possible.

Please email artwork to
Do not compress your files.

Sending files through traditional mail or delivery service:

Send artwork to the following address, with an attn: Graphics Dept. or the name of the customer
service rep you are dealing with already. Please include a brief note with your name, company
information as well as contact information.

Jeffcoat Signs
Attn: Graphics Dept.
1611 S Main Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601

Any questions? Please call 1-877-377-4248 for service.

If a proof is required upon completion of your design, it will be mailed to you or E-mailed to you in
JPG/GIF format (readable by all web browsers) for approval.
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